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Hong Kong Travel: Not for the Faint of Heart

If tranquility and serenity are adjectives you would use to describe the perfect trip, leave Hong Kong out of your itinerary. The boisterous energy of 14 million inhabitants leaves the visitor wondering if insomnia is contagious in this city. Hong Kong is the quintessential representation of east meets west, boasting its own Times Square along with artifacts from the Paleolithic Age.

All The World Wants To Travel To New Zealand.

New Zealand? Think Hawaii meets Switzerland. Where else can you find so many different types of scenery and breathtaking landscapes in one country! From towering mountain peaks and glaciers to volcanoes and bubbling mud springs. And then there's the surprise. It's so very English too.

Budget Airlines Are A Smart Way To Fly

Taking a cruise for your honeymoon provides an opportunity for you to start your married life in a state of relaxation by exploring the unknown and enjoying all the amenities a cruise has to offer. Cruising presents the comfort of five star luxury accommodations and provides unending excitement, adventure, the opportunity to get to know each other and to make new friends aboard your sea adventure. A honeymoon cruise package may include:

Asian Affair: Vibrant Vietnam & Sizzling Singapore

What a vacation! Visting Singapore & Vietnam are like seeing two different planets within one vacation. The contrast of this trip is evident in our photos from the contemporary garden paradise of Singapore to the new renaissance of traditional Vietnam. This is certainly an Asian affair never to be forgotten.

The Close Relationship of Vancouver and Hong Kong

Since decades, Canada and Hong Kong maintains a close as well as long standing trade and economic relationship. The socio-economic and trading relationship of Canada and Hong Kong can be traced back to 1928, when Canada formed its Consulate General in Hong Kong, in Exchange Building, on the Pedder Street.

Travel Deals

The world is full of stunning and charming locations which every traveler wants to explore. People generally love to travel with their families, friends and other near and dear ones. So they always put prime importance on the cost of the travel as they always seek to cover a lot of places with a limited budget.

Losing My Virginity – To Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy

While gadgets might be a boy's best friends, no airline gets far with me unless they can back it up with a great personality. That's where the experienced and friendly Virgin Atlantic crew really made my first time special, even announcing over the PA system that they would be delighted for me to fly with them again! They haven't called yet, but I'm sure they will.

The lowdown on china travel

China is the land of rich history & has contributed a lot in sphere of philosophy. However, demographically China is the most populous country that they have today followed by India. The commonplace life & activity of the place can be enjoyed by taking on to the streets of the Chinese cities.

Hello From Toronto: Exploring Chinatown And Kensington (Part I)

In all my explorations of Toronto over the last few years I have learned that in addition to numerous world-class sights and attractions, Toronto has many lesser known nooks and crannies that are full of history, interesting stories and anecdotes. One of the best people to learn from about the twists and turns of Toronto's history is Bruce Bell, a well-known author, playwright, actor, standup comedian who is also a passionate historian and has become one of Toronto's most wel...

How To Save Money

If youre traveling to Hong Kong on business or vacation, youll need to know the cost saving ways to get around the city without it costing an arm and a leg. This handy guide will show you how to save money when visiting Hong Kong on your next trip. Airbus Instead of Airport Express When you arrive in Hong Kong from your long flight, youll want to take the Airbus instead of the Airport Express or taxi. While Airport Express is convenient and there are plenty of baggage...

Tips for Travelers Who are Going to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for: its unique energetic vibe, its wonderful food, and beautiful skylines. It's best to always bring a camera when roaming around in the city, so travelers can capture the essence of this place, and will always have a memento of their visit.

Terrific Worldwide Destinations

Have you ever thought of traveling around the world visiting different cities, touring the great attractions of the world such as the British Museum on London, the Puerta del Sol of Madrid, the Colosseum in Rome, the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, not to mention all the sites for you to see in Hong Kong, Sydney, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. You could easily spend a year traveling through just the cities listed here. Here are some of the highlights you wont want...

Cruising Destination Ideas

Admit it. Before you took that first cruise, your thoughts about cruise ships and cruise vacations consisted of flashbacks to Love Boat re-runs. Cruising was all about sunny, tropical destinations like Bermuda, Mexico and Hawaii. Since traveling by cruise ship is more popular than ever before, thanks to its affordability, you can not only go to those sunny destinations but also to more unusual ports like Hong Kong, Alaska, Norway and the Amazon River. Still, a lot of ...

Asia Safety Travel Tips

Asia occupies a quarter of the earth's land mass, it spans a lot of time zones. Having a single travel guide for all of Asia is virtually impossible. Asia like any other continent, here are basic travel tips for a few of the most happening countries in Asia.

Tokyo Disneyland Theme Parks

A family vacation in a Disney theme park or Disneyland is always a dream holiday for millions of people around the world. The Disney brand is such a resounding success worldwide that it is inconceivable that any child in any developed country do not know what is Disneyland. If America or Paris is too far away to take your family for a Disney vacation, then you can settle for either of the 2 Disneyland in Asia located in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Disney theme parks, wherever the...

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