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Viking’s trip

Scandinavia occupies the Northern part of Europe and includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. These countries have a lot in common, so often it is recommended to visit them during one trip. May be next time you'll be back to know one of them better.

Ideas for your next cruise

A look at where to go on your next cruise. It's not just the Caribbean, there's the Mediterranean, Northern latitudes and river cruising as well.

Choose To Cruise

It might seem to you as if practically all your friends are going away on exotic vacations which involve cruises; it might seem to you that you can go on such vacations only in your dreams. Well, dreaming about going on a cruise may in reality be your first step towards taking one! If your information about cruises is primarily from what your friends tell you, then you are most likely to think of them as extremely expensive and difficult to organize. Cruise lines do ha...

Geilo in Norway

Geilo in Norway stands 800 metres high, and has one of the highest ski lifts in the world, stretching 3,887 feet. Geilo is positioned three and a half hours from the capital city, whilst having good road and rail links to the village. Set amidst amazing scenery just off the banks of Fjord, Geilo is at the heart of Norway's "Winter Wonderland".

Hiking In Italy’s Western Alps

Some of the best things about Italy are found completely within the Western Alps, if you're a hiker. Of course there's the country's highest peak, which no hiker can resist. Then there is Italy's oldest national park, also found in the Western Alps. Count the amazing variety of flora and fauna, the alpine meadows, and accessible yet remote wilderness areas, and you have the perfect setting for a hiker's dream vacation in beautiful Italy. Discover Colonna mine or encounter...

Dream Vacation – Ferry To Sweden

Ferries are sea transport in the form of boat or ship that carries passengers, cargo and sometimes vehicles. It is a type of public transportation that has been around for centuries. It is a cheaper way to travel from one point to another, but lately a trip through a ferry is made not only for financial consideration but for leisure as well. Today's ferries or cruise ships are more efficient and mostly built with the passenger's convenience in mind, and some big ones can acco...

Rail Passes Offer Discount Train Travel Throughout Europe

Consecutive or flexi travel? One country or a whole bunch? Saver passes? Rail 'n Drive? Overwhelmed with trying to pick the right European rail pass? Possibilities can be daunting... but choosing the perfect pass can save you time and money. A rail pass lets you bypass long ticket lines at the train station. You won't have to wrestle with an unfamiliar language just to buy a ticket. Best of all, you'll save cash -- providing you choose the right pass. European rail pass ty...

Beautiful Sites,

There is much that can be said about traveling in Norway and what you are going to discover along the way. There is always room for more to be found in Norway, and it is a country with a rich history that is often overlooked in tourist books because of the often cold climate. Yes, it is a fact that some of the year is cold in Norway. However, this leads to much of the countrys attractions, the outdoor sports in winter. Whether you want to downhill ski, cross country ski, ...

Hello From Cuba

Hotel Havana Libre, Tuesday, April 5, 2005, 7:20 pm Yesterday I had to sign up for my Spanish course at the University of Havana. The Campus of the University is an astoundingly beautiful collection of classical buildings and a Cuban tank graces the entrance to the library. At 9 am all the foreign students, about 40 of them, met in the Edificio Varona and we were shepherded by various professors into a very antiquated lecture hall. (By the way, of the 5 or 6 washroom st...

Cruising Destination Ideas

Admit it. Before you took that first cruise, your thoughts about cruise ships and cruise vacations consisted of flashbacks to Love Boat re-runs. Cruising was all about sunny, tropical destinations like Bermuda, Mexico and Hawaii. Since traveling by cruise ship is more popular than ever before, thanks to its affordability, you can not only go to those sunny destinations but also to more unusual ports like Hong Kong, Alaska, Norway and the Amazon River. Still, a lot of ...

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